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Majapahit in Luxury Travel Magazine“Few places in the world have elevated bathing (mandi) into a sensual art form like Bali. DWBS bares all in its search of Bali’s most romantic bathing experiences”. Dream Weddings Bali Style,, The Art of Mandi,,Edition November 2012 – February 2013

Majapahit in Luxury Travel Magazine” Это четыре виллы, две из которых расположены прямо на кромке прибоя, а две скрываются в тени пальм, но также имеют выход на деревянную палубу с видом на океан, где можно заказывать завтраки или массажи. Индонезия: В деревню? На Бали… В Санур!,, Published in July 2012

Majapahit in Luxury Travel Magazine“Luxury villas in Bali are now serious competitors to the island’s resorts for holidaymakers travelling in groups, but how do you decide if a villa stay is right for you? Susan Borham and Lucy Jones report. Bali High Life, Luxury Travel Magazine, Edition 46 Autumn 2011

Press Release“For all their bespoke luxury, villas in Bali are considerably cheaper than hotels in terms of price per room for size and service.” Private Villa Rentals in Bali, Expat Living Travel, Edition 2009 – 2010.”

Majapahit in Asian Paradises“An exclusive complex awaits you at Majapahit Beach Villas. Majapahit Beach Villas, Asian Paradises, Edition 2007 – 2008.

Press Release“The landscaping and contemporary architecture of the shingle-roofed villas is based on traditional Balinese principles, utilising local materials and incorporating the essential elements of Balinese Hindu philosophy and symbolism.” Property Search : Majapahit Beach Villas , Villa & Yacht, Volume 2 Issue 4, 2007.”

Majapahit in Asian Paradises“…it is on absolute beachfront, hidden away from the busy world outside, providing one with the privacy and exclusivity one would expect from a luxury island getaway. The Empire Of The Sun, Villa & Yacht, Vol 2 Issue 3 2007.

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